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How do i get moldy makeup effect?

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Hey im a 15 year old and im working on a horror movie! I need a way to make fake mold?! I do sfx makeup and i really need a way to make them look moldy! yeah

Heres an example of my skills
Hand Arm Scar Wood Gesture

Automotive lighting Tints and shades Astronomical object Circle Macro photography

Human body Finger Nerve Tattoo Art

Plant Astronomical object Fruit Tints and shades Painting
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Try using latex and spanish moss. Put down a couple layers of latex - while the last once is still wet, tap the area with spanish moss. Embed it into the latex. Let it dry - the go over it with some brown and black powder. If you need to fix it in place - hit it with some hair spray. If that makes it too shiny, the dull it with some neutral powder.

your SFX skills are on target. I've done military moulage (casualty make ups) for 15 years. Your's look as good as any I've seen.

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I suspect the Spanish moss will be way too much texture to depict mold.

Brainstorming here, and nothing tested; I suspect just plain makeup would work and stippling on a few shades of green/black. Though, I can also see motivation for more physical texture to it. Just painted on latex may be sufficient in of itself. Or while the latex is wet add on something for a little texture. It could be the dryer-lint.

I would suggest trying to get the stuff used for texture colored, and any paint dry before you apply them to the actor. That would ease any issues with coloring a texture surface. Or perhaps you can airbrush over any texture.
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