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How did you celebrate the season today?

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Not counting prop building, what did you do today that was Halloween related? Anything special to celebrate the season? I like to do something everyday in October to make my enjoyment of the season last all month.

Today, it was very cool and rainy so I made a big pot of chili. Later, we opened a bottle of "Trick", a halloween themed wine (not bad, btw!), and we watched Charlie Brown and When Good Ghouls Go Bad, while listening to the rain.
It was a very nice October Saturday!
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I just opened my door, breathed in the cooling breeze and watched my kids play amidst the decorations I have up. :) They're all autumnal but not specifically Halloween.

I also mentally planned out my Halloween decorations (graveyard theme this year) by walking around my yard and by taking stock of what I have in my garage. Which is getting considerable the more years I do this!!
It was rainy here today too! So I sat around and watched a few horror movies.
I also finished decorating the inside of my house, everything looks great.
I had a wonderful relaxing day, glad you did too! :)
I mowed the lawn for the last time before Halloween.
Took some Macro pictures of spiders in our yard.
I mowed the lawn for the last time before Halloween.
BWAH HA HA, how funny you should say that. I mowed today (or helped mow--my husband does a lot more of the lawn than I do) specifically so that I can try to set up my display tomorrow and then just let the grass go! (In that one area, anyway.)

I also told him we have to save our leaves instead of mulching them as we blow them these next couple/few weeks so that I can pour tons of leaves around my graveyard display on H'ween night.
Decorated the kitchen, baked a choc. devil's food cake with choc. icing. Decorated it with a gummy bat, purple and orange icing. Watched some of the Celebrities Ghost Stories. Yesterday bought Pet Cemetary.
the wife and I hit up Target, Walgreens, Halloween Land, Spirit & Meijer... picked up 2 nice size pumpkins and assortment of stuff for the display... got home and got all the tombstones ready while eating candy corn and watching college football.. yep, that pretty much sums up my day.. everything Halloween related, lol
I bought a huge pumpkin and sat it on the front porch and bought a new brain mold since mine apparently grew legs and walked off?!. I watched a couple of movies yesterday when I had piece and quiet haha.
Went and hit up Spirit and Party City. Bought a couple of props for my Horror Movie Trivia game for my Halloween Party, as well as a brain mold! Enjoyed/enjoying Apple Cider and watching some Syfy horror movies! Good day :).

Photo by sean dreilinger, from Flickr

A cool and rainy Saturday. After going out for dinner with friends, I noticed there was a Michaels store next to the restaurant, and we went in for a look at the Halloween and Christmas items. Saw all the Lemax Spooky Town items — the haunted pirate ship, the House of Wax, the witches "carpooling" on a broom, etc. Thought about buying a yard sign, but instead bought a sealant to spray on pumpkins after I paint them (the paint on last year's jack-o'-lanterns flaked after a while). When we got home, I kept the door open because the cool autumn air felt refreshing.
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I looked through all my photos of things I bought for my costume party haunt and made a folder for each room and labeled the theme for each. I moved all the photos into the correct folders and left on for Unassigned for things I am not sure about yet. Even though I have a nice notebook with all kinds of lists and plans and I update it as i go, this visual helped me to sort things out.

I also went to my favorite thrift store, but didn't find anything for once. I stopped by the Salvation Army Family Store in an adjoining town and did buy some ghost tinsel that is cute. Thee were two really long pieces of it. It is black with little white ghosts. I got both for $1. I will use it in my bedroom Ghost Motel. I also bought the cutest wooden skeleton. He has arms and legs that are jointed. He had one arm unattached so she let me have it for $1. I came home and used a white twisty tie to reattach it. There were already small holes where it had come undone and the ties worked great and since it was white, it blended right in.

I then stopped by CVS and bought a couple of ghouls that hang. They are pretty cool and were on sale for 25% off, so they were under $5 each. I will probably hang them in a tree or on the screened porch. I picked up a few other things at the dollar stores to use.

It was a nice cool and fall feeling day.
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Knowing this would be one of the last "nice" days for a while (i.e. it felt like a proper fall day with a low chance of snow), I volunteered for a campus cleanup to enjoy the weather and went by Spirit, Michaels, and Cost Plus and picked up a new Nox Arcana CD in addition to other dibs and dabs. While listening to the new CD, I put together an October reverse care-package to my mom of various Halloween goodies and worked on my costume for a couple hours.
Well, Tuesday (Sept 29th) was the big "pumpkin delivery day" at Central Market. Truck loads of beautiful pumpkins came in and I was there with a nice warm coffee to enjoy the whole thing. Literally tons and tons of perfect, happy orange and white pumpkins.

I had that glee a child at the pet store has when looking at puppies -- I wanted to take them all home. :D

Thursday, Oct 1st, I was sick!! :mad: I had people calling me throughout the day asking if they should come over and help set up, but I was just too sick to be of any good. I even called into work and told them I was sick -- and I only do that one every two or three years!

I felt better on Friday and went straight back to painting props and pulling orange bins down from the attic. I got all the Halloween shirts out and sorted them for the girls to start wearing to school. My six year old has the most right now. (I think she can wear a different shirt Halloween every day in October!)

Yesterday was spent decorating the interior and more prop painting outside.

Today (Sunday) I'm taking the whole family back to Central Market for family pics in front of the pumpkins. Here's are family pic from last year:

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We are spending this weekend doing our Fall cleaning. Getting the house ready for the holiday season and a special guest who is coming this Thursday :D. Then it will be time to start bringing out the Halloween decorations, watch our favorite Halloween movies and get ready for the big day.
I watched Sleepy Hollow with all my Halloween lights on in my room. I've also been wearing this Mickey Pumpkin Halloween pin around on my sweatshirt. Got a few compliments on it! And I saw another girl with a Halloween pin on 50th St and complimented her haha.
yesterday oh well stayed in bed longer (went to bed at 3 am Kiss concert) and then went picking some pumpkins and stopped at the Dollorama for some more stuff and watched some Csi Miami in fact a relaxing day

Yesterday we picked apples and thoroughly cleaned/made the semi-final adjustments to our indoor livingroom autumnal setup. Today I plan on drinking some apple cider and...uh...can't think of anything else that isn't related to prop making, so I'll just have to see what happens...>D
Finished up some Halloween cards to send out, sat outside with all my Halloween lights on (well, the few that are up right now) and just enjoyed a relaxing day.
Just finished decorating the entire inside of house, that took the whole week!! WHEW now next week the outside, that will take about a week or so. Also bought one Rising Reaper from Spirit, to add to the haunt. ooooh and made a Pumpkin cheesecake! That counts right??
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