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How did it go?

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Well, like every where else it seems, it did rain all day here. However, the weather people actually predicted it would taper off during TOTing hour and lo and behold, it did. Rain stopped just after 4:00 and hasn't returned. It's almost 9:30 and the wind is picking up though and it's chilly!

First TOTers came around 5:30 and last came around 8:00. We got 35ish this year. I was expecting more due to it being a Friday, but that was average for us.

Hope everyone made the best of this Halloween. It's one night, yes, but it really is a whole season (for some people it lasts all year!). So enjoy planning for next year!

I'm glad to come to this forum and share in one of my favourite seasons :)

How did your night go?
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Weather was great. Fog cooperated this year, but my coffin shaker died after 45 mins. Everything else worked flawlessly. Got probably around 600 TOTers, first at 5:45 and last around 8pm. Went through 500 full size Hersey bars in an hour and a half. Then another 5 pounds of fun sized treats in about 1/2 hour. I ran out and had to turn another 20 away. Insane.
Wow, that's my greatest fear, running out of candy. I buy so much, but who would think you would run out when you had as much as you did. Wow!
I'm exhausted but very happy! We had a large turn out! Lots of fun was had.
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We had about 50. Down from last year.
But we made the best of it. My 14 yo and her friends helped me put on our 1st haunted house. The kids had a blast and that all that really matter. In fact the are all in my basement having an after party. As for me I am really tired.
The house was a hit. the kids loved scaring the fathers as they went in with their kids. They had two dads scream like little girls.
The drop panel worked well.
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Pretty good considering the weather. Had about 30 trick or treaters. Was able to put some of my things out and only had to pull them in fast about 8pm when the thunder started.

We had a good time. :)
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Only had about 10, weather killed it. Cold, rainy, and windchill down around 30.
weather was in the low 40s,high 40 mph wind with rain & snow but we managed to get around 40 TOTers, almost ran out of candy because I was giving them handfuls lol overall a good one I would say
I only had 9 ToT's. :( Now, we don't get too many to start with, usually, we get about 20-25...but only getting 9 tonight was kind of depressing. I have a lot of treat bags left over. The weather was just way too cold and windy. It was only in the 30's, with the wind making it feel like 20's, so many of the kids stayed home or went to the Mall ToT. At least the ToT's I did get had cute costumes, lol.
Sigh, oh well. Here's to next Halloween being better for those of us with crummy weather this year...for those of you who had good turnouts, awesome!!!
As for tonight, Happy Halloween, everyone!
It was great! We had around 30 which is a bit more than last year. Almost every person commented on how much they loved the house and the ghost projection. My son is only 2 so we just hung out in costume at home and handed out candy. Already looking forward to next year.
The weather was good here and I got to do something I haven't ever done - take a kid around my neighborhood trick or treating. I invited some friends and their nine year old for dinner and trick or treating in my neighborhood since they don't really live in one. The daughter's dad took her around a little but they were back in about 20 minutes, maybe because it was unfamiliar. I volunteered and had a blast visiting the other houses in the neighborhood. I've only ever gone to one other house on Halloween night, the other house in the neighborhood with a full yard set up. A lot of the houses at least had a pumpkin out and many of the people sat outside like I do to hand out candy. I invited them back for next year to do it again!
The wind died down around 5 which gave me just enough time to finish setting up. We had approx. 540 kids and had to turn out the lights at 8:40. Wish I'd bought one more bag and been able to stretch it to 9:00 but that's ok. I prepared for 500 and then a few extra and that's what I got. Other than the early shut-down, I'd say it was pretty close to perfect!
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It was cold here too-- didn't get above the 30's all day, plus it was windy. We had candy just in case, but the little ones stayed away. (Older kids had parties to go to tonight, but came here to tour in the previous couple days.)
So DD and I followed our plans-- we put the display lights on, got ourselves warm fuzzy blankets, lit some candles, made popcorn and hot chocolate, and watched movies. It was nice!
I'm the only one on my block who ever decorates or has the light on for the trick or treaters but I have always had a good turn out. This year we went through 170 bags of candy the first hour and a half and had to go get some more. It all dies down around 9:30 and I was sure glad it did because by then we were tired, but everyone loved it and we had a blast!
Probably about 30, which is normal for us. Weather was fine and this year pretty much all the props worked. I had a new leaping spider from Spirit and I think it triggers off light changes, because people could walk right in front and it didn't trigger in the dark, but otherwise all was fine. I think I'm finally getting the hang of it. Plus I have Fridays off, so that was perfect for setup.
It went great for us this year. Weather was good aside from the wind at first. Luckily that died down at sunset so the fog didn't just blow alway. First kids didn't come till later...about 6:30. But we had about 200 kids this year, which was way up from the 50 we had last year. Lots of neighbors came by which was cool - we met lots of new people. Many times throughout the night the yard was packed with people, which was pretty cool to see. Had more "handsy" kids this year messing around with stuff, but most everything is wired in place, so it was okay. Just a little surprised, as normally they are pretty respectful. Definitely a great night though!
It was cold here too-- didn't get above the 30's all day, plus it was windy. We had candy just in case, but the little ones stayed away. (Older kids had parties to go to tonight, but came here to tour in the previous couple days.)
So DD and I followed our plans-- we put the display lights on, got ourselves warm fuzzy blankets, lit some candles, made popcorn and hot chocolate, and watched movies. It was nice!
That actually sounds wonderful! That is how I plan to spend the rest of the weekend!
Good night for trick or treaters (not many, thirty tops), rain stopped early in the day, had bit of an issue with a too-soft pumpkin that aged rapidly had to be replaced for the porch (we had 8 to start with thankfully, not carving the others yet) - but tomorrow is the 'big night' of the display in backyard for family, friends, neighborhood people and so on, amount attending unknown - but the forecast is clear starting mid-afternoon so all should be a go, electronics and lights not in danger of shorting out in rain as happened one year. For now, the pumpkin is still lit and back indoors, awaiting midnight or candle going out on own, whichever happens first - food to prepare and final items (cemetery, many bagged spiderwebs, electronic props, pumpkins, cornstalks down side of house, battery powered strobe lights, etc) to go out tomorrow in advance of 6:30 opening. Will post about how that all goes at some point....

Happy Halloween to all!
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Weather seems the hot topic this year. Was way windy most of the afternoon. ..luckily it did die down a bit towards the evening. Still.enough to render my new chauvet 1200 and custom built chiller useless ugh! But other than that the haunt was great...over 200 tots.
COLD rainy windy :( Down to 50 from 75 in previous years but all the kids were driven here and nearly all of them were new to seeing my decorations
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