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I have about 1000 foam pit blocks (6x6x6) and I want to make some props or costumes with them, but I have never worked with soft foam before and I need some help from you guys. The blocks, are basically what you would find in an couch cusion. They are kinda squishy and are open cell.
So my question is, what can I use to glue the blocks together that wont dissolve the foam (maybe great stuff or liquid nails?)

What can I use to hardcoat the foam? I am thinking something like Bondo, durhams, or monster mud should be safe. I'm worried if I use monstermud it may be too heavy for the foam to support and will collapse on itself. I am worried that the bondo may dissolve the foam (though it wasn't an issue when I used it on expanding foam).

Since they are perfect cubes, I was thinking about making an 8bit statue of boo (from Mario) or maybe use them to build an archway or castle.
or I could make an 8bit statue of boo and modify it into a Halloween costume (by hollowing out the middle)

Thanks guys!
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