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How can I build this?

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Has anyone made anything like this? I am wanting to do something similar next year on the front of my tent. I want it to be either a creepy clown or skull that the TOTs have to walk threw to get in. I have been looking around the forum but not use what key words to search.

Any ideas on how to build? I've been considering cutting "ribs out of plywood then covering them with chicken wire and cloth to finish it off. Don't want to use Moster mud because of the weight. I will have to get it up height enough for people to walk threw so I will also have to build some sort of internal scaffolding.

Thanks for your help.


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That thing is awesome isn't it?

Raina, who is a member here did something similar for her Halloween this year. But it looks like it's just a flat facade. But those eyes move.


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I saw something similar here on the forum too and it was also a flat facade
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That thing on American Horror is HUGE too, bigger than those flat facades plus it's deep too. I'm sure several here have done something similar but not on that scale unless they were pros with plenty of money, help, space & time.
Another route might be foam carving. You'd need a hot wire tool (or two) and a LOT of foam, but you could stockpile pieces and glue them together into larger blocks and then carve them from there. Check out this amazing dinosaur that shows the process I'm talking about.

It could then be sealed with something like foam coat and painted.

Post progress pics!
Check out this amazing dinosaur that shows the process I'm talking about.
That guy had a dinosaur in his house. Guess we're not the only crazy ones!

Eblore, Do you have enough room to store something like that? The advantage of flat facades is they don't take up much room. The other thing I would consider in making a deep facade like that is the time involved. It might be a better use of your time and money to spend it on inside props/scares.
Thanks Mr_Chicken. This is what I'm looking for. I cant imagine paying for this much Styrofoam. They must have a huge budget.
Screaming Demons,

I'm very lucky that I have a warehouse available to me, but it is getting full after 7 years of big Halloween themes.

I'm a go big or go home kinda person. I get tons of TOTs so I have to bring my A game every year to keep up the wow factor. I usually spend about 6 months on a build. I already have a couple of booths, games and tents for a carnival that I did several years back. I am considering putting up 4"x4" x10' in a large oval around my yard then stretching a rope around the top and hanging cloth all around to give the appearance of a huge tent. I would also have two taller poles in the center to run lights up to. Hopefully this would look like a tent roof. I would love to have a clown/skull for the people to enter threw.

I cant afford an all foam piece. That would be way over my budget. I'm normally able to find plenty of pallets and scrap wood. but I'm not sure how I could make that look good. I would love for it to be 3-D. I will probably hang canvas banners along the road advertising the shows within.

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If you really want to make it that deep and have the time to put in, you can do it cheap. Check with your local Lowe's/Home Depot/Tractor Supply/etc. stores. When they get new shipments of utility trailers in, they come with big foam blocks separating and cushioning them. Some stores send them back but most are happy to get rid of them. Glue a bunch of them together and you would have a huge piece like Rotten Apple had with the blue foam, but at almost no cost.
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Usually when people have big chunks of foam, it's because it was free, haha. I know a bunch of haunters around here scored big from a movie theater that was getting renovated and had HUGE blocks in the old walls as insulation.

What you might be able to do on a budget is paper mache. Stolloween on a big scale.
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What about cardboard with foam glued to the cardboard for 3D effect? Use a subframe of 1x3 or even pvc piping for a lighter and easyer setup/takedown..the only thing I would be worried about is if its outside..inside no wind or weather to worry about..You could attache it to a 8 x 8 canopy like walmart sells.
WOW Great Idea! Thanks Screaming Demons. Sounds like a great resource for free material. Luckily I have contacts a 2 local Lowes. I'll have to give them a call.

That's a great idea also. there is an old theater that just sold here in town and I think they are going to tear it down to put up an office building. Ill have to see if I can make any contacts there. I never knew they used Styrofoam between the walls.

It was a big theater and its sat empty for years. I hear the roof leaks and its full of water. Call Mike Rowe, it sounds like a dirty job!
I would make it out if chicken wire and monster mud/paper clay reinforced with tent poles and anchored with 12" tent steaks
The entry you posted is made from foam how do i know I used to work for a company that make thinks like this , foam is a good option providing you have the right tools to carve somthing this size is done by a large cnc cutter in sections Here is a piece from the place i woked at

i have built something similar to this in the past but it was a skull. of course i work in a warehouse and i can get anything a haunter would need for the job. i cut up some pallets and built the frame out of it, then i used chicken wire for the features, then i went to the local news paper i used to work at and got some rolls of paper and covered the entire structure with the paper and glued like paper mache, last i painted it and put final touches like lighting etc. the only reason i was able to do this type of project though is the fact that all i payed for was the glue and paint everything else was free. please i beg you take my advice, Do not attempt to do something on this scale unless you have all the right contacts, at least 100 bucks you don't mind blowing, and a lot, and i do mean lot of time to invest. if you do decide to build this make sure the permanent home for it is secure that way you wont have to spend half of Halloween night moving the damn thing around i made that mistake before. whatever you decide i'm sure it will turn out great.
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Maybe you can grab some inspiration from Kim Beaton and her team of artists. They sculpt huge pieces using paper mache.

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here is a pretty cool facade...
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Yeah im trying to figure out how to build something like that piece as well. I think ihauntu is right though. It's foam, and then maybe coated in fiberglass?

You can buy enormous blocks of foam and then carve in sections.
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