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This super great haunt tour in New England during November 7th and 8th. http://www.legendaryhaunttour.com/
Problem is that I'm on the west coast. My dad is undergoing radiation treatments for cancer so there's an even bigger reason to go now (as he is an east coast dweller). The next problem is lack of funds. I can possibly appeal to my grandparents for money to cover the flight, but I need to book a hotel room for a couple of days (the rest can be spent at family members' homes), and pay for the haunt tour. My priorities might seem askew, but I'll still ask to go to the east coast to visit my dad, it's just whether or not I can work out a bit of Halloween related fun in the time I spend over there. I've had a few ideas for how to make some money for this trip:

1) Crowdfund it. Seems douchey. What can I even offer? Take pictures? Document the trip? Send handwritten notes to donors? This makes me feel scummy even entertaining it, but when a man's got notions of visiting far away haunts...

2) Work for it. This might seem like the obvious choice, however, I am unemployed. As fate would have it though, I am endeavoring to start a business that involves dye sublimation of horror subjects on canvas. This also seems scummy to mention. And I don't even have the machines yet. The printer is probably coming tomorrow.

Should I try a combination of both?.

Edit: Already put up the crowdfunding page. It can be found at http://www.gofundme.com/jackolantern
I feel horribly dirty.
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