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Houses NOT to get candy from on Halloween

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2:08-2:18- "You invite the Devil to possess you; take your spirit!"
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I turn those little religious booklets into confetti and give them back when people hand them to me.
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Gonna share this on my Facebook page. Hilarious!
I thought so too. How about the creepy guy, asking if pikachu was from Canada?

I can barely stop watching it. The apple lady reminds me of so many of my friends. Kids want junk on halloween, or at least caramel or red candy covered apples.
Too funny! :D
I enjoyed that. I knew a haunter who had hurt his back and felt bad cause he couldn't do his big haunt set up. So when people came to tot and ask what happened to his set up, he told them he had seen the error of his way, and gave them a religious pamphlet that he had made up himself. Then he said that was the trick, now here's the treat, and gave them candy. I thought it was pretty funny for someone who couldn't set up his regular scares. A scare of a different kind. lol
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This was great. I think those pamphlet people need to get with the times. You want to "convert" kids then you need to give them a comic book version of the pamphlet and maybe some cash. LOL kidding. Kids TOT for CANDY and junk.
Ha ha ha. I liked the Christian propaganda people.
Oh man, zombieprincess, they do have comic book pamphlets, and they are CRAZY!! I'm saying this as a Christian (obviously a way different kind, but yeah). There are not enough words to describe how disturbing some of them are!
I loved the video. hilarious. those bible thumping crazies really do exist. pretty scary.
The Christian pamphlet house may be the scariest thing I have seen all day. LOL

Great video, thanks for sharing.
I agree the pamphlets are the scariest!! Great video btw
Oh man, zombieprincess, they do have comic book pamphlets, and they are CRAZY!! I'm saying this as a Christian (obviously a way different kind, but yeah). There are not enough words to describe how disturbing some of them are!
A few months back I was doing my laundry at the laundromat and they have those little comics there for people to take and one of them had some crap in it about this older couple who would go around the world helping people in need, giving time and money and medications and what not to third world country people, they were on the plane with some born again fresh out of prison for murdering a person and because he converted someone to christianity, when the plane went down he went to heaven, but the elderly couple who gave so much of themselves to helping others went to hell because they weren't preachy. It pissed me off something fierce.

They forgot 2:

- The drunk dad who offers you beer...

- and the creepy dude who hits on all of the girls : /

I used to pick out all of the candy without Halloween stuff printed on the labels and put them in a clear ziploc bag for the neighborhood kid who wasn't allowed to celebrate Halloween because of his religion. He always looked so sad that he couldn't tot.
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I do love this video, and think the stereotypes portrayed in it are hilarious.
However, there are way worse people than those who give out pennies, apples, or religious dogma.

It is the non-givers. The people that turn off their lights on halloween night. The people who choose to go to the movies, out to dinner, shopping at the mall, or whatever else, because they don't like buying a few bags or candy or treats and handing it out on halloween.

My neighbor gave out pennies twisted into foil. They looked like hershey kisses. Imagine the shock of diving into a hershey kiss and finding coppery pennies.

But she gave it out to each child and was into the halloween spirit. That counts for alot in my book.
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Nice, Countess No! It's good to see tolerance for everyone and acceptance of different people doing their own things their own ways. It might not always be what kids appreciate most, but hey, whatever.

That's not to say I don't have a sense of humor about the video!
The worst non givers, in my opinion, are the ones who turn their porch lights on but aren't home or don't answer the door. That's a jerk move, right there. If you aren't handing out candy, turn your porch light off and don't waste trick or treaters time by luring them in to your porch just to find out you're a total Scrooge. That ticks me off so bad.
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