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How about a magic trick?
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Decided to take my girlfriend to her first haunted house in Miami, FL.

We went this past Wed. night, and had a blast.

Very professional haunted attraction ( 2 acres - 30 mins. to walk through - including an authentic graveyard )
She was quite brave, yet scared very easily :D

After the house, we went on several of the thrill rides ( around 24 total rides in the park included w/ the admission price. )

Not a bad way to spend a nice Autumn evening.

Haunted House from a distance:

Animatronic monster at entrance:

Some of the thrill rides...

Picture of my girlfriend (in the Hello Kitty shirt ) with one of the roaming creatures:

Sadly, I was not allowed to take any pictures inside the house itself.

Website info: http://houseofhorrorpark.com/hoh/about/

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