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House Facade (Wood Build)

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Hello everyone,

I set up a graveyard scene last year but with my house in the background it really took away from the whole effect.

I tried to hide the house with lighting, trying to keep the house dark and all the stuff in the foreground lit, but still didnt get what I wanted.

So this year I really wanted to focus the attn away from the house and I started work on a facade of an old wooden house to place in front of my house to hide it.

Figured Id share some photos. My wood siding was delivered yesterday so I plan on working on it this weekend but heres the wood frame I got done last weekend.

Everything is 4x8 panels that bolt together so I can take the whole thing down easily and store in a 4foot x 8foot stack.

The large window on the left is where my screen for my projector will go. Ill have Mark Gervais's "Hallowindow 2009" playing.

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Wow indeva that is awesome. What a great project. What type of siding are you going to put on it? Will it be wood or styraphome? Did you use 2x2s? I'm making a facade of a morgue on my porch this year. Can you show a close up picture of your bolts and how you can take it apart each year? I can't wait to see more photos.
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