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Hot Coals

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So proud of how my coals turned out! I had to post them!
Textile Flesh Night Art
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Cool! What did you put underneath the foam, other than the lights? I want to make something like that for my cauldron.
I put orange/yellow halloween mini lights and red Christmas lights. I purchased them from Target. Use 3mil plastic to spray the "Great Stuff" on so it peels off easily when it dries.
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You sir are now a great stuff "black belt." You have earn the privilege of wearing that Halloween bandana.

Seriously, nice job!

Lovely Day...
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Thanks! Yes. I used a crafting spray paint that doesn't eat through foam.
I would say they weigh about 10lbs. They are actually pretty fragile, so I am keeping them indoors.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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