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Horse drawn hearse prop

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This years project will be a horse drawn hearse with a fire and smoke breathing skeleton horse. I already bought the remains of a carriage as a base. Please feel free to share your insights or ideals . I happy to learn from the mistakes , successes, and dreams of others!
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"Big Building" or glue it together from plastic strips and make it inflatable.
There was a Gothic inflatable church in France rented out for weddings,it had a very tall tower.spire and even inflated things inside of it.
not that i know how to do such a project....
Thanks, I have a huge halloween display and pride myself in building things that can be broken down and compacted. I figure the horse can be disassembled and the hearse could actually prefer the role of storage both in it and under it. I have a shelter that will easily hold the carriage with much of my other props
The hearse can be an extremely rewarding project! I'm sure you'll love it when it's completed. :)

I would definitely check out Evil Bob's hearse post for some real inspiration (he's already chimed in with some good advice )

With respect to constructing the hearse with space conservation in mind, our hearse was designed to bread down flat, and goes together without screws. I've got a bit of background on the method here, if you're still in design mode.

Best of luck, it truly is worth all of the hassle!
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I made mine last year and also use it for a bit of storage for my horse witch breaks down excecpt the rib cage but I probley could redo the ribcage so it could


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