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Hey everyone,

My name is Jose Prendes, and I am a Halloween addict! I have been watching horror movies since I was very small and that is why I make movies now. I have moved to LA and am currently trying to get my third movie off the ground.

But in the meantime, I am excited because I bought a house and finally have my own yard to haunt! I am here to learn from the pros! I will have many questions and I hope you guys will have the answers! I have a feeling you will.

If you are interested (not that I'm shilling or anything) you can check out my website: StrictlySplatter.com. Here we review obscure and unforgettable horror and exploitation reviews and feature some great interviews as well. We have a forum there also, so stop by and drop us a note if you want to discuss horror movies or anything, really.

Anyway, that's me. Glad to know you all...I wish everyone a happy halloween, because there's never a wrong time to say that. :D

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Greetings Jose.
You are in good company here, Many of us are horror film fans as well as Halloween addicts.
The two go together like Wristslitter and sedatives. :)
be sure to check out the Horror films and literature thread, we also have a user group of the same name which you may wish to join.
You will find many helpful and talented people here to help you improve on your haunt.

Welcome to Halloween forum.

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