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So, I was doing an annotated bibliography on torture porn in horror for a class and I came across this amazing resouce. It's called the Irish Gothic Horror Journal and it chronicles a lot of work on different issues in horror, both contemporary and classic, across all genres. Frankly, it's brilliant and I figured the folks around here would enjoy reading some of the essays.

Here's the main site: http://irishgothichorrorjournal.homestead.com/

Here's the latest edition: http://irishgothichorrorjournal.homestead.com/IJGHS_Issue__13.pdf

Some select pieces that I'm looking forward to reading are ‘A Very Serious Problem with the People Taking Care of the Place’: Duality and the Dionysian Aspect in Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining" by Margot Blankier and "Neo-Victorian Gothic: Horror, Violence and Degeneration in the Re-Imagined Nineteenth Century, Marie-Luise Kohlke and Christian Gutleben (eds)" by Edwina Keown. Don't those titles sound amazing?

Enjoy, you guys! Let me know if you read it!
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