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horns for my stolloween heads

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so im doing a couple of stolloween heads and i was stuck on the horns i didnt know how to make them suddenly i came across this things kids use for the pool that someone trew away and the worked preety well hope its useful for someone


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Pool noodles work great for a lot of things. I used them for the arms and neck of my witch build last year. I also use them on the boat as floats for my nets and anchor lines.
Pipe insulation works too for certain details & it comes in different sizes. It's not as firm as pool noodles but sometimes that's what you need.

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Once on a project I used a pair of those plastic turkey basters ( the kind that look like giant eye droppers ) and wound thick cording around them before covering them with paper mache'. They looked great and were a perfect match with each other. The only downside was they were straight, no curves but that's what I needed so if you want to make straight horns this is the way to go! Happy trails!
use a heat gun on low temp to bend the turkey basters to what ever curve you want..but wear gloves!
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