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Hope everyone had a great Halloween and thank you ....

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for all the great posts, tutorials and inspiration. If not for this forum we would have celebrated this Halloween doing all the usual traditional things we do such as the pumpkin carving, apple bobbing, special dinner and a scary movie night. I thought this year, especially with a limited budget and time, it would be more of the same but after lurking here for quite a while, there was no way I was going to be content with that this year! The Carnevil theme really struck a chord with me so we ended up raiding our recycle bins, repurposed every item I could, my kids were worried if they stood still long enough they would be repurposed as props! I may not have got everything done that I originally wanted to but my family and friends appreciated what was done and the effort that went into it. We didn't decorate outside this year (it totally poured down anyway) but we did decorate the glass panes in our front door, which stood out as no one else in our street bothered with so much as that and got quite a few TOTs.

Our party was on Halloween night and although it was a small one we had an absolute blast. We kept the games kid friendly and fitting with the carnival theme, we had hook a duck, fish bowl toss, etc but the most fun was a Tempt Your Fate game with fates hidden inside balloons (as suggested by someone here). Something that was the cause of much unexpected hilarity was a Halloween quiz with an adult and kid version, also the kids and their friends voted the Haunted Hunt (like a Scavenger Hunt) we organised a huge success. The food I just kept totally simple and again in keeping with the Carnival theme made a pan of chilli, hotdogs, buns and sides along with popcorn, candy floss. Also done trays of pizza, twice baked potatoes, a large dark chocolate cake, a white chocolate cake and some cupcakes along with a couple of jugs of Halloween punch, which turned out to be pretty lethal, just as well there was a non-alcohol version too!

I can hardly believe this Halloween is over and so can't wait to do it all over again next year. My daughter after declaring me totally nuts with this year's Carnevil theme got totally onboard with it and has now announced she wants us to do a Twisted Tales theme for next year. If anyone has any ideas how on how to turn my kitchen into the witch's cottage from Hansel and Gretel I would love to hear them, or any other suggestions.
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Well Bratwitch, welcome to the Forum. How exciting that you are from Scotland. It's always nice to see those across the sea celebrating Halloween. Its very hard to come to this magical board & and not get truly inspired. It sounds like you created a wonderful evening for your family & guests, one I'm not only sure they will remember....but one they will look forward too next season.

I was also like you, stumbled on to this place, came in with a nice size set-up for Halloween. But then I started spending time in here & I think I lost my mind, I'm laughing as I say this, but the creativity in here & the ideas, and the wonderful, helpful people drove me into Halloween Heaven! From small to large, its all here to make any kind of party, decorations, ideas. Its a glorious place to be in the company of people who have a passion for Halloween.

Now the next most important thing is pictures to share with us, think about that for the 2015 season. Look forward to seeing you post!

Momma Muffy
I have never done a twisted tales but there are some on this board who have and I am sure they will be able to give you a lot of ideas. As for props for your kitchen, I would say, a plastic cauldron could be used as a serving vessel. or with a little paper to stuff it and then spray foam and paint along with maybe a dollar store foot or hand sticking out would look pretty awesome sitting on your stove. Old bottles and empty jars can be transformed into ingredients for witches potions, you can usually find free labels on the Internet or even by doing a search on this forum. Old books can be reovered with paper bookcovers with titles like potions, spells and hexes and placed on a bookshelf or counter in the kitchen area. Get a couple of foam skulls and hollow them out then insert a weighted down jar inside them to use as bookends. Black candles can also add to the atmosphere. A crooked branch, and a bunch of twigs along with some twine can be easily made into a witch broom that can be propped in a corner.
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I recently saw on facebook a recipe to make trays out of those hard peppermint candies. They were placed on parchment paper and baked. Baking melted the mints and they ran into each other. Once it cooled it really made a neat tray. Since the cottage was mad of candy maybe these would make good serving trays.

Sounds like you had a good time, we run a haunted house every year and don't decorate the inside of our home so sorry cant help with any ideas, but if you want to build a haunt i can help with that.
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