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Hooch's first homemade prop!!

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I know you guys thought you'd never see the day, because I am the first to tell 'ya....I am NOT a prop-builder :eek:

But I really wanted a toe-pincher coffin for the vampire theme this year, and my sainted husband agreed to help me. So here's the weekend project, you notice that ALL the work is being done by the hubby and at best I was the "carpenter's helper". But I did help, and it went better than I could have dreamed, and I begin to understand the way this aspect of Halloween can get under your skin.

It still needs to be painted, but we just ran out of time today before it thunderstormed. Thanks for indulging me, I know this is NOTHING to what some of you guys can do, but it is mine, and I am very proud of my little coffin!!

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My first coffin was made out of 1 x 2's, and cardboard. Great job!!! You SHOULD be proud.
You both did a marvelous job!
Way to go girlie! I don't have a coffin, or anything that moves. This is looking great so far.
Looks great and that headless prop in your first pic is amazing!!! ;)
That looks FABULOUS!

Really, really great job. Much better than anything I could do. Who says you aren't a prop builder? You and your hubby make a great team if that's your first effort! :D

You MUST post pics when you get it painted! :D
awww Hooch! Welcome to the club! You'll be building pneumatic and motorized props next!

Looking good!

Yep, the coffin building was the hook for me too. Looks great!
That looks GREAT! My first big prop was a coffin built exactly like that. Still have it and use it after about ten years and it's probably my favorite prop to this day. It also makes great storage for other stuff. That really came out nice. You should be proud!
Very nice Hooch! Everybody has to start somewhere and I think you did a good job for your first try. Everything can only get better from here on.
looks amazing, can't wait to see it if/when you paint it and decorate the inside!! :D
Dude!!...uh...I mean Dudette!! That coffin rocks! You will be the envy of the neighborhood. Make sure you post some more pics as you get it finished so the rest of us can see.
Wow, Nice Job on the Coffin. Think I just may have too try my hand at this. Would be interesting to see how it turns out, I'm not really a pro with tools, things get a little out of hand and CRAZY!!...LOL

Seriously I'm going to try...
VERY COOL! Is your husband hooked on prop building now? lol! Looks fantastic!
Great job. Everyone started some place. And the people have been great in giving advice on how to. After looking at the stuff at the halloween stores and then looking on line, I decided I could do just as good a job on building my own props. Guess what, mine are much better (at least that is what I have been told) and cost much less. Nice thing about prop making for Halloween, mistakes make the prop look even more authentic.

If you really want to get into it, start with making some foam tombstones. When you've knocked out a few with different techniques you'll see how easy it is to make even more props.

Play with PVC piping. It's not expensive. The really expensive part I personally think is the cost of drylock. Have fun and look forward to seeing more.
Hooch, I'm gonna take a WAG and say that the bug in the background is YOURS!!! I covet the bug and LOVE the coffin!
Great looking coffin Hooch!!! You still have time for a couple more props before the big day! :)
That looks great mama Hooch! I love the toe pincher style. Please show us some more pics when you've got it painted. I'm so proud of you :)
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