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Here is a cool website that I wanted to let everyone know about. This is a new website that was recently launched. It offers a Home Haunt Registry where we can register our haunts to have a place to find each other. It also has some cool affiliate discounts. It has been changing daily, so keep an eye on it. I think it will be a good place for home haunters.

Take a look and register your haunt, it's free. Browse to the link below and then click "Register Your Haunt".

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Looks like it's time to give a shout-out for the "National Haunted Homeowners Association" --

NHHA - The National Haunted Homeowners Association -- Cosmic Associates

-- going into its 5th year. This site is only open after the first week of September and closes after the first week of November, and is strictly an awards-related group, bestowing "NHHA Awards" via Local Chapter Leaders on houses which noticeably participate in neighborhood Halloween activities.

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