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Here is a cool website that I wanted to let everyone know about. This is a new website that was recently launched. It offers a Home Haunt Registry where we can register our haunts to have a place to find each other. It also has some cool affiliate discounts. It has been changing daily, so keep an eye on it. I think it will be a good place for home haunters.

Take a look and register your haunt, it's free. Browse to the link below and then click "Register Your Haunt".

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Im sure a lot of folks that read this have no idea as to whats going . A new site was launched and immediately caused much confusion.

Larry, thank you for stepping in to clarify the current confusion going on with this project.

In the past 2 days we have received emails in regards to what happened and what is going on.
Thank you for the concern. To those that know of this project for the past few months that is about to launch shortly and those involved aiding in getting it going, there is, yes, some confusion going on.

The site mentioned in this thread homehauntersassociation.com, is in no way affiliated with our site,

We are trying to work out any confusion that has started already.

Im posting this here as public knowledge to help aid in the emails coming in on whats going on in a attempt to slow the mail down.
Like Larry has mentioned, we have keep this project Very quite. We did not want to have to announce
It early but felt the need to, to avoid un-nessecary confusion.

Both sites will have very different content. We had a chance to speak with them, in concern to whats going on about this confusion.

On a side not, I wish them the very best with the new site, theres never enough places to find home haunts.

Be sure to watch for announcements on the launch date, details and more.
At this time, we are not going into full details about HomeHauntAssociation and exactly what it is, what it offers or anything else. As much as the many people that do know about it are Very Excited.

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