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Home Haunt Walkthroughs

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I've always been curious to see pictures of everyone else's halloween haunted house walkthroughs. Good to know what everyone else is up to :D. Here are some pictures of my haunt from last year, it was my first time by the way. So, post your pics, and show us your work! Happy Haunting!


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Nicely done and welcome to home haunting! Forever will it dominate your destiny :)

I have been home haunting for a few years. You can see my past haunts at my website (link is below and in my signature) lots of pictures and WIP stuff as well as some walk-through videos). I use DMX to control my props and lighting but also have about a dozen volunteer actors (in 2014). Seems to get bigger and more elaborate each year!


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This is our 2014 yardhaunt. We had a very brief walkthrough. Basically only about 12 or 15 feet long. The tots entered around the end of the crates. When they rounded the corner they triggered the grate on the firebox below the "boiler" to slam open and closed. Then they passed under the pipes where steam shot out of cracks in the pipes and the grate on the clocktower. Then they went past the facades and out to get their candy.

Architecture Building Facade Clock House

Sky Iron Architecture Door Wall

Display case Shelf Furniture Shelving Cupboard

Light Lighting Emergency light Technology Room

For 2015 we hope to have a much longer walkthrough utilizing much more of the driveway. Adding more facades and some other fun surprises.
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