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Hey guys, stopped in HD today and they are repeating their Christmas Light Trade In Event this year. Take a strand of old incandescent lighting in, get a Coupon for an amount off on the purchase of qualifying LED lighting. Here's a photo I grabbed from their display. I turned in 3 strands last year of lighting I didn't like anymore and ended up with 3 Gemmy colored spotlights instead (under HD's branding, "Home Accents Holiday"). As I recall and others can confirm, the credit amount applies to a single register receipt, so everything needs to be bought at one time from one store (helps to check stock before turning your strands in especially if you are waiting close to the end of the Event, some colors may sell out faster than others -- my store had already sold out of the blue spot for example!).

This event only runs 11 days (Expires Sunday, 11/15) so don't let it expire on you if you have something to trade in and want some LED lighting.

These are the spots that qualify:

The qualifying Lightshow LEDs are Gemmy-branded Kaleidoscope & Fire and Ice if I'm not mistaken.
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