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HOME DEPOT old light strand trade-in program to update to LEDs

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I just came back from HOME DEPOT and they just started a brief trade-in program for people wanting to get rid of old incandescent light strands and upgrade to new LED ones. The program started on 11/6 and runs thru 11/16, so if you are interested in trading in old strands and getting a credit towards the purchase of new LED lights, act quickly. Here's a photo of the promotional box I saw in the store:

$3 off Home Accents Holiday LED Lights
$4 off Marth Stewart Living or GE LED Lights
$5 off EcoSmart or Gemmy Lightshow LED Lights.--I'm wondering if this would also apply towards the Gemmy LED Lightshow spot lights and Kaleidoscope lights as well?
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Am I the only one who likes the old lights better? LEDs are great for some things... but some I really don't like. Maybe it's just in my area - but the christmas LEDs only come in very harsh blue, green, and red. So all the houses look kind of the same.
Agreed. Not a fan of most LED Christmas lights.
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