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Holiday season RAFFLE. Three winners!

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Holiday season!! Halloween is over but the holiday season continues, so we are making with the presents.

Here we go, now, with another small raffle. This will have three winners. Each winner will get a small padded envelope with a small Halloween-oriented gift...like, say, a DVD movie.

The first FIFTEEN people to post are entered in the raffle. Three winners will be randomly chosen out of these. After the winners are chosen, I'll PM those people for their addresses.
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This sounds like fun. Do you have to live in the U.S. to be eligible?
Nope! Anywhere is okay. The raffle says yes.

Buuuuut, now that I think of it...if the present is a DVD, it'll be a Region 1 DVD. Just so you all know. ;)
Sounds interesting...
OK I am in lol :)
I want to play!
Cool, sounds like fun!
Would love a DVD.
I agree with everyone, cool! And a nice gesture on your part!
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We need ONE MORE REPLY, since one of the earlier replies was actually mine. .....

And, also, there will be a FOURTH winner chosen, because GHOULIET has offered to add a fourth gift to the raffle! Fun!
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Great! I will contact folks in a few hours--have to run out and do some errands and things. Thanks guys!
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These folks are the winners:


Vandalay Industries

Unlucky the Loser

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