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I'm new to the site and all, but was looking for a place to advertise this fantastic Halloween Costume(Courtesy of Upper Deck Trading Cards). It is a Hockey Card! I know, sounds crazy, right? Well, not anymore!!! Here is what you need to begin your Hockey-card costume:

1) Large cardboard box

2) Access to a large color plotting printer (you can work through a Fed Ex Office or other office chain)

3) Strong glue that will not bleed through paper (glue sticks or spray adhesives work well)

4) A high-resolution scan of your favorite Upper Deck card.


Now, step 1:

Find a good card to use that will work for your costume. A perfect card would be something that has the player's head close by. If it is a shot showing the player from far away, your head may look strange coming out of the card. And, you will want to make sure the player is facing forward and that the head of the player isn’t too close to the border. Just an idea, you may want to go with a full body shot of the player because people want to know that you're a hockey card. Additionally, you don’t want a design that is too elaborate because too many colors can make the image blurry when you blow it up. Remember, you are taking a card that is very small and blowing it up, so a more simple design will work best for you. Using Microsoft Power Point---to format and print out the scan of the card---is recommended. If you have Adobe Photoshop, you can definitely play with the card to see how increasing the size of it will affect the overall image. When you’ve got the right image sized right, save the file and print it out.

Step 2:

Now that you have the poster, you need to prepare the board you will be mounting it on. Finding a cardboard box with a big flat portion may be a little tough. Taking a medium sized box and opening it up by cutting one side of it laying the cardboard all the way out flat to get the sizing is rightly so needed. To stabilize the board more, reinforce the areas with creases by duct taping additional cardboard on them. Every crease on your flattened cardboard box should be reinforced at least once. Also, make sure you do not reinforce an area where the head will be.

Step 3:

Now, you will need to trim excess away from the flattened cardboard so we can prepare to mount the poster on it. First, make sure your poster has been trimmed right. Sometimes there will be excess area on these posters from the printing process. If that’s the case, carefully cut that off. Then match up one corner of the poster with the corner of the cardboard backing. Using box cutters, CAREFULLY cut the excess cardboard backing off, trimming the backing to the exact size of the poster. IF YOU ARE YOUNGER, PLEASE ASK AN ADULT FOR HELP WITH THE BOX CUTTERS BEFORE STARTING.

Step 4:

Now it is time to mount the poster to the board. Make sure you work with a glue or adhesive that will not bleed through the paper and ruin your print. When in doubt, ask because you do not want to start over at this point. Try using the adhesive in areas that are darker and not in areas that are lighter to help reduce issues with bleeding. Take your time and go slowly by smoothing out the paper to reduce the likelihood of ripples. If you make an error here, you may have to start back at step one so please be careful and patient with this portion of the costume creation. To keep the edges from curling, you’ll want to add a bit of clear packaging tape that just barely reaches on to the poster from the back side.

Step 5:

Now you are ready to cut out the hole for your head. Using the box cutters, carefully cut around the player’s head. AGAIN, IF YOU ARE YOUNGER, PLEASE AS AN ADULT FOR HELP WITH THE BOX CUTTERS BEFORE STARTING. Upon completion, check to see if your head will comfortably fit through the hole. The hole should at lease be big enough that you don’t see any of the player’s head. If necessary, make the hole bigger so your head can fit and most importantly so you are comfortable. Last tip is to have the card slightly angled throughout the night so you don’t have to crane your neck straight out. And now you are ready to join the party or go door-to-door to score some candy(and hopefully cards).

When giving out candy, I may recommend to put Upper Deck cards or packs with the candy. Spread the word about collecting Upper Deck and grow the cream of the crop for the future. An awesome example of how this turned out was Upper Deck's very own Ryan Murphy, with his life-size 06/07 Upper Deck Joe Pavelski Young Guns card:
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