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Howdy, here are some pics of my version of the HM inspired Bat Fence. It was time for a cemetery fence and I wanted to do something a bit different. I have taken the general idea from Disney's Haunted Mansion stanchions. I love that some folks like the gentleman in S. Cals-HM north-side have made exact replicas.
However as I don't have a foundry and don't want to leave bronze statues to be stolen I used wood. I departed from the Disney design by putting ears on top, the bat/fish look did not translate well into wood.

I used 3/4" pine in 2 layers to give the bats a 3-D look. The poles are PVC and the chain is also plastic from Home Depot. I painted the bats a base of black with gold overlay to accentuate the 3-d effect at night and make it look a bit more aged and tarnished like brass.

I think I used every tool in my shop, bandsaw, scroll saw, drill press, router, sanders etc. Total cost was approx $100 for PVC, wood, paint, chain and hardware.


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