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Hitec 425BB Deluxe Servos

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I just came across a deal I thought I would share with everyone. I found a seller that is willing to sell new servos at $10 each.

If anyone is interested, I can arrange a group buy. It would be $10 per servo, $4.95 for flat rate Priority Mail shipping and Paypal fees of 2.9% + $0.30 (weird huh). Pretty good compared the cheapest I have found of $14.99 per servo not including all the taxes and shipping.

If anyone is interested, please let me know.

Thank you.
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Not sure how that seller is able to sell them at that price . Shoot , SERVO CITY , who has the best prices , ALWAYS , is $5.00 per servo higher .
I would be very leery about this . Have you confirmed and received any of those servos from an order yet ? Not that I am sure , or not whether HITEC or any of the servo manufacturers redo their faulty servos and sell them as REFURBS , but , I do know that they take back faulty servos .. just not sure what happens to them after that stage.
So , now the next question ... could these possible be refurbs ? ( thats if they even do that )
If you did get an order out and received it already , did you test the servo(s) yet ?
Are they new , where you still get the HITEC guarantee/warranty ?
Is this seller in the states ? Or where ??? ( lots of scams going on with todays economy )
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