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WOW I love it Hilda. You said that "I am glad it is small, individual and manageable" I would hate to see what you would call a large display. I truly wish I lived closer so that I could also stop and enjoy all of the Halloween fun that can be found in your yard. Great job to you.

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Where did you get that giant pumpkin Jack is sitting on? I am in love!! Or did you make it? And if so, out of what?

Our Front Porch.
To be honest, I am patiently waiting to build a proper front porch on our house, and I will decorate the heck out of it. haha
In the meantime...
Welcome ~ Please come in and sit for a spell!

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I totally cheated. This was last year's 'witch crash'. haha You know the ToTs get a huge kick out of it!

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