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Hilda and DedHedFred's Lighthearted Halloween Yard Display 2015

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EDIT: Thanks for stopping by. To view photos of our displays, please visit us at our Lighthearted Halloween page on FB.

We do a lot of different things to celebrate Halloween, but one of our favorite activities is decorating our front yard using bright, fun and whimsical decorations to create a magical walk-through for the tiny ToTs.
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Last night I was telling my wife all about your display. Definitely looking forward to all the images. Absolutely one of the most magnificent displays every year!!!!

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Oh my, Angel!!!
What a wonderful, whimsical and magical display!
I can see you put your heart and soul into every piece in your display :)
Everything so well thought out. Love everything, but one of my favorites is your posed skeletons.....brilliant :)
One of my fav displays ever! Great lighting and atmosphere!
Goodness! :)

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Your house is always top on my list of yards to visit on Halloween Forum. Only wish it could be a trip in person. Again, great ideas carried out beautifully. You always have a nice blend of everything from decorations to props to blow molds and everything just works together. It really is magical no matter your age.

The bluckies came out fabulous! Love, love, love the poses. Very humorous. Nice job. The melted witch with the spilled water bucket was great. Your Jack and Sally looked so perfect with those black trees you used. I'd love to do a pumpkin tree with the pear tree in our front yard but the tree still has it's leaves on every halloween and not quite the look I'd like. Yours looked fabulous. How large are your pumpkins? I also was paying attention to the way you guys hung your bats off the side of your house. Clever! Do you leave the plant basket hooks up all year? Probably my favorite pic was of Dr. Ian and T-Rex. So much fun, giggles and smiles in that photo. T-Rex is a keeper for sure!

So happy the weather was working for you this year. With a display with so many components that has to be a huge relief. How long do you leave the outside up? OK, I know you were working on some very cool "specimens" on the inside and can't wait for more photos.

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These are just fantastic! It's like someone wrote an illustrated book on a place called Halloween Town! I can't imagine how long it takes to set everything up in such a way but it's awesome. I've come to enjoy and appreciate your display more and more over the past couple years and even though our styles differ, yours is just one of those that you can't help but like and admire! Well done!
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