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Highlight(s) of the night....

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Had a small group of kids walk up my walkway. I had quite a few more things out this year! I Really stepped up my stone quantity. Haha, well, one lad slowly walked up (more like staggered) while repeating "you r not gonna scare me". Prolly thought I had real actors hiding. I was standing maybe 5ft from my candy bowl, plain blue jeans and my black leather jacket. No make up or anything. I just stood in silence.....this guy finally made it to the candy. In a monotone I said " happy Halloween". This kid jumped maybe 2 ft back "holy sh*t! Where did you come from?!". Haha
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I give out dollar store toys that I buy in bulk. Everything is wrapped to avoid picking and choosing. I couldn't believe how one kid immediately opened his treat and lit up with joy over getting a small pair of binoculars. "They really WORK!", he exclaimed to his buddies. All the kids spent the next five minutes checking out my haunt with the new amazing binocs. Funny what kids will think is cool.
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