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Hope no one minds my putting up a thread and I've only been here a day! I didn't see another one like this, but I may not have uded the right search terms, so if it's a duplicate, I apologise!

My husband and I leave most of our Halloween decorations up all year around, so we're always looking for high quality items to add to it. Oh, we've got some cheesy things too, but we're also toy collectors so some kitch doesn't scare us! The themes for our apartment decorating is Halloween/Dia de los Muertos/Alice in Wonderland/Mardi Gras.

I'd like to know from the other people who have Halloween around them all year what teasures you've found, what you're still looking for and what got got away. Pictures are lovely too! I'll see what I can do when I get my Halloween cleaning (?) done...

I collect the Spooky Town houses, since I love things that have light and movement! I just got the new Ferris Wheel of Horror and my husband had to actually get the manager of the Michaels to sell us the display because they were already out of them and didn't know if they were getting in more! I have seven that work and two that are displays only since I bought them for cheap as they didn't function. Sometimes we turn off all the lights and fire them all up and it's a much needed Halloween boost anytime of the year.

Two years ago, I bought up the 'movie monster' desert plates and coffee cups that they were selling at my grocery store. They were actually well made stonewear, and have held up to daily use since! Sadly, they series came out again last year, but it was only plastic cups and popcorn bowls. I also found a tablecloth at Target last year that had crowned skulls on it that graces out table year around, with a urn of black roses on it. The urn was very expensive, but marked down to 90% off, so a great buy! I wish I'd bought the bone silverwear offered years ago at an artisan kitchen/homewears store years and years go, but it was $80 a place setting and we kept putting it off.

I'm planning to have my husband and father in law build a toe pincher in good wood for a coffee table, but it'll likely be after the holiday!

Some of the better things we've found are 'stone' busts, an antique candlestick and standing cross, both out of iron that could each be used as a murder weapons, mini paper lantern string that looks like tiny pumpkins, 'stone' gargoyles and tombstones, candle screens and bottles of all sorts.

What have you found, have or are looking for? What do you wish you'd bought?
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