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High Quality Costumes, Sites Needed.

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Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone could recommend on-line Halloween costume stores that they either know through personal experience or through friends that have high quality costumes. I want to purchase a costume that is good quality & it shows and is comfortable. Also any costume suggestions would be greatly apprecaited, here's some ideas of my interests to get you started.

Something that Dutchess of Darkness would wear.

Costumes that remind me of movies such as Interview with a Vampire, Akasha from Queen of the Damned, Queen of the NIght, Vampiress, Queen of the Bats, CLassy Witch "not plain and boring though".

I'm huge into Vampireology
Victorian/Midevial stuff with a darker twist
Black Cats, Cauldrons

Ok not sure what else might help. Feel free to read what little is on my profile page if it might help. As you can see, I'm at a loss as to what to go as this year, and also where to purchase my costume. Thank-You so much for any suggestions you can offer

*Blessed Be*
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For really one of a kind stuff I'd suggest doing an Alchemy request on Etsy, or contacting a seller you like to do a custom item. Especially if you are looking for high quality, you're more likely to get it from a person than a factory. Corsets that are hand made are TOTALLY DIFFERENT than "costume" junk from a party store. It sounds like with your aesthetic, you'd appreciate attention to detail a real seamstress/tailor would provide.

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I would look for a seamstress that makes costumes. Then you would be talking quality.

Buying over the internet does not guarantee that the costume would fit. You may have to send it back or at least take it to a seamstress for alteration.


Gothic Queen Of Hearts
The Evil Queen from Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs
A Gothic style Countess Dracula or Dracula's daughter
A costume based on some of those great pictures you send everyone!


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I'd tend to 2nd Etsy too...though be patient with the search. There's some junk, and there's some AMAZING gems.

Corsets, bustles, dresses, hats, wings, accessories.

I just finished uploading jewelry to my shop and I was amazed how many other shops had added halloween months ago. (Some carry very gothic or victorian style clothes year round) There are plenty of hair, hats and wigs too.

Don't forget to look under both handmade AND vintage.
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