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hi all,

i came across this forum because of your great mandrake topic! i love it and absolutly going to make 1 myself:) Then i came across some other really intrested topics, and i found my self reading this forum 3 days in a row.. So i decided to register myself:)

Im from holland and we do not really celebrate Halloween here.. So no yard decorations for me.. But i am making a hogwarts suitcase for my cousin. And that idea is slowly turning in to an Harry potter themed Escape room. And what is an escape room without props. So ill be looking here to find some really cool props idea. And will show what i made. I did do a quick search for some more mystical plants and found the eye plant topic. Also a genius topic:) but further i could only find reference to herbology shelfs or witch kitchens with plants , but i cant seem to find any pictures of them. Can anyone be so kind and share some links in this forum i might miss? Or share foto's of your magical plants/ or harry potter props? I like to see them all, you guys are so creative.

Also did anyone used the Series grimm as a theme ? I would love to do a dinner partner in the theme of the Grimm trailor

Happy crafting everyone !
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