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Finally signed up after seeing this site many times over last couple of years. I have always been a lover of Halloween, its just some kind of magical feeling of excitement I get as the season grows closer. My ex husband was never a real big fan of it so I was hindered for many years. Now I have a husband and a three year old little boy that loves Halloween as much as I do. Its April and my child is still watching pumpkins and skeletons on youtube...THATS MY BOY!!!!!! So we are really just starting out as "haunters" This will be our third year of some serious decorating. After Halloween being ruined last year due to high winds and sleet, we feel we really have to redeem ourselves this year. So I am really looking forward to finding some great help and advice. First question I have is does anyone know when kindys will be getting motors in or is there somewhere else to get them?

thank you
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