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Hi-Rez Designs has some very exciting news for you!

We JUST released some new visual effects product for the 2018 Halloween season ...

For anyone that has "carved" their own tombstones out of foam, they know how time consuming and difficult it can be to get all the lettering and decorative elements lined up and cut out perfectly. And when they're done, the tombstone doesn't really "do anything". It just sits there as a static prop ...

Tombstone Trickery™ - Volume 1 features over 25+ special visual FX to animate and bring your DEAD tombstones TO LIFE!

Tombstone Trickery - Volume 1 is part of our new "plug-and-play" series to give you maximum effect while still incredibly easy to use.

Using a small in-expensive mini video projector, you can add 25+ individual and different names / expressions +plus additional eye-popping special effects to a SINGLE blank tombstone shape! Imagine having 25+ special fx tombstones all in (1) single prop.

Each tombstone name / special visual effect run 30 - 40 seconds long and seamlessly connect together so you can arrange the specific order in which they will play or pick and choose which video FX to play or not play at all, creating a continuous looping effect.

You can even use the isolated FX video from Tombstone Trickery - Volume 1 on other surfaces (walls, ceilings, etc) or an existing tombstone you have that already has the name or decorative elements carved out on it. The possibilities are endless.

Barry D. Hatchet
Bubba Turner "Hey Ya'll ... Watch This!"
Edgar Allan Poe
Faithful Forever
Fester N. Rott
Here Lies Fred, Now He's Dead
I Told You I Was Sick
In Loving Memory
Kathy "Kat" Clayton
My Ex Husband
My Ex Wife
Mozart - Decomposing
No Vacancy (Neon Flash)
Pearl E. Gates
Rest In Peace
Stinky McGee
Until We Meet Again
Well This Sucks
Will B. Back
You're Next

Includes All Above +Plus
Stinky McGee w/ Fly Swat Skeleton Arm
Edgar Allan Poe w/ Raven Shadow
Edgar Allan Poe w/ Black Cat Shadow
Kathy "Kat" Clayton w/ Black Cat Shadow

Raven Shadow - Isolated FX
Black Cat Shadow - Isolated FX
Fly Swat Skeleton Arm w/ Stains - Isolated FX
Fly Swat Skeleton Arm w/ No Stains - Isolated FX
Bugs & Spiders - Isolated FX
Lost Soul 1- Isolated FX
Lost Soul 2 - Isolated FX
Matte Transitions

Tombstone Trickery™ - Volume 1
is available in HD FILE FORMAT DVD-ROM and super-fast DIGITAL DOWNLOAD.


Hi-Rez Designs: Warning Signs™ is a collection of 14 different High-Definition fully-animated video screens designed specifically as moving "digital signage" in your attraction, themed haunt, or escape room.

Now you can replace those "static" boring signs with something truly unique and professional looking!

Warning Signs™
is part of our new "plug-and-play" series to give you maximum effect while still incredibly easy to use. You can use any sized LCD or LED TV to play these incredibly detailed high-definition digital signs. Use the TVs internal media player (if your model has one) or a Looping HD Media Player.

All video screens are over 1 minute each (several are longer) and include a stereo "ambient" audio track to complete the effect. They can be continuous looped, played back-to-back in sequence, or just play your absolute favorites that fit your theme!

In addition, almost all videos have 2 different looking versions, 1 clean pristine image, and the 1 with "grunge" or screen "damage" built into the video itself. You can choose whichever version fits your setup best.

Biohazard Style 1 - Clean
Biohazard Style 1 - Grunge
Biohazard Style 2 - Clean
Biohazard Style 2 - Grunge / Blood
Biohazard Style 3 - Clean
Biohazard Style 3 - Grunge + Screen Damage
High Voltage - Clean
High Voltage - Grunge
Poison Gas Style 1 - Clean
Poison Gas Style 1 - Grunge + Screen Damage
Poison Gas Style 2 - Clean
Poison Gas Style 2 - Grunge
Radiation Warning - Clean
Radiation Warning - Grunge
Zombie Containment Style 1 - Bite Hazard - Clean
Zombie Containment Style 1 - Bite Hazard - Grunge / Blood + Screen Damage
Zombie Containment Style 2 - Clean
Zombie Containment Style 2 - Grunge / Blood
Zombie Containment Style 3A - Clean
Zombie Containment Style 3A - Grunge / Blood + Screen Damage
Zombie Containment Style 3B - Clean
Zombie Containment Style 3B - Grunge / Blood
Zombie Research Facility - Clean
Zombie Research Facility - Grunge / Blood

Extended - Danger Incineration Protocol - 5 Minutes
Extended - Emergency Broadcast System

Warning Signs™
is available in HD FILE FORMAT DVD-ROM and super-fast DIGITAL DOWNLOAD.


Black Box™ - Multi-Triggering HD Media Player

Hi-Rez Designs is pleased to introduce our 2018 FULL-HD (High-Definition) multi-triggering solid state media player. Now you can use any of our "triggering" Halloween visual FX products WITHOUT the need of a DVD, or Blu-Ray / DVD-Player. You can now run these products in 100% digital format.

The new 2018 model is absolutely loaded with awesome new features (full list below), and we've added additional upgrades that now make our HD Media Player even easier to use and added functions to improve the performance overall.

Visit Hi-Rez Designs today at www.hi-rezdesigns.com.
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