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Hi all.

Just thought I'd come in an introduce myself. I've kinda been lurking through the threads the past couple days and felt it was finally time to join as a member.

A little about myself:

I used to make a bunch of stuff but I had a couple babies and for a few years had to tone down all the hobby stuff due to not wanting to freak the kids out with monsters/skulls etc, also didn't want little hands getting on a stray pair of scissors or eating props, but now my children are a little older they are right into the spirit of Halloween as I am :D
I'd take a second Halloween each year in exchange for all the other holidays of the year, to be truthful and I think my family feels the same :p

I love all the ideas/tips/tuts I've found on this site and would love to give back any ways I can either showing off some of my latest work or giving some feedback or even coming up with some of my own tuts :D

ANYWAYS... Before this intro becomes the longest intro in history I just wanted to thank Jimmyzdc and Ghosttown ( and his wife ) ( if they are even still around on this forum) for giving me some handy tips on a current project I'm working on, though they don't know it, they just saved my halloween xD I have had two attempts at a project with some success but much fail and doing some research brought me to this forum. So thanks :D

And can't wait to see all the fun stuff and get to know some of you who have a passion for all things halloween as I do ^^
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