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Hi! new member from NC!

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Hi everyone! Halloween is the favorite holiday of my family. We, my wife and toddler and I, went as the March Hare, Alice, and the Mad Hatter respectively, last year. Except for my daughter's Alice costume, we made our costumes. My sister-in-law made the Alice dress. I'll post pics when i get a chance. Im looking forward to being a member!:D
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Welcome to the forum


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Hello from the triangle of NC... What part of NC are you from?


PS: If you use Facebook, I have a group page for haunters in and around the triangle. You're welcome to join. Just search for Halloween Haunters of the Triangle.
:D Welcome to the forum!:D It's great to see more NC haunters on here! Yay Tarheels! (as in the Tarheel state, I'm not picking a team, even though my nephew does play for Carolina football, I'm neutral....like Switzerland);)

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