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Hi! I'm tree!

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Hi I'm tree and I am a halloween junkie!

First I want to say you all are very inspiring and amazing! I have so many ideas running through my head because of you all! I started Diy halloween stuff before this stuff was on the net, for parties. Now I do a small haunted house for the kiddies at my local grocery store.

I'm sure I will be a regular on here, and will have many questions. I am totally stoked that this site exsists! Thanks :0)
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I like trees, they make me happy :)
Welcome to the forum fellow Ohioan!
hello Tree, welcome to the fourm!!
A halloween tree! Lets hang ornaments on him!

Welcome to the forum :D
Hello tree and i second the hanging ornaments idea.
Lol...you guys are so awesomely friendly around here!

Lol...you guys are so awesomely friendly around here!
and it don't get no better than that

my daughter was a tree in a play once in high school
Hi tree, welcome aboard.
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