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Hi, I'm new!

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At least until the new new guy comes and takes my position. Hi, my name is Robert but you can just call me Doom Kid or Fred. I'm a big fan of Halloween and all things scary, creepy, weird and occult. At the moment I'm going through some family issues which quite frankly I don't care to resolve (I'd rather just move far away) but that's personal and boring to anyone outside my family so I'll just stop talking about it now. I'm a bit of a comedian which some think is a contradiction towards to whole scary/weird stuff that I like but I can help who I am. I'm not much of a reader but it's not because I can't read, it's because I have a hard time concentrating on reading. I may have ADHD or ADD but I haven't seen a professional about it yet. Other than that I watch TV from time to time (TV has started to get boring) and play a few video games and that's it.
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Hi, I'm new!
Hi, kid. I'm old.:( Welcome anyway.
Welcome doom hope you like it here.
Welcome Doom kid or fred. I have a sense of humor too. And I'm old.
Greetings! Welcome to the forum!
Hi Grim Jack - do you know Grim and Jack? A must have seen. Try the search or YouTube!

And naturally welcome abord.
welcome aboard, hope your issuses get resolved and you can be grim because you want to be
Thank you hallorenescene. :)
Thanks friend but I think I'm a few days older than you. :p
Welcome Aboard!
Hope you have a Sinister Season!!
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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