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Hi from the UK

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Hi I'm Sam (female),

I'm in the South West of the UK. I've been reading lots of posts, tips, and project ideas, and I'm very impressed by the imagination and creativity of you all! I'm hoping to gain some ideas for my Halloween themes. Unfortunately here in the UK we don't have such a vast array of props and effects available, well not easily anyway, so will be trying out DIY projects. My main want is a lightning simulator so hopefully, I will find some info on the main forums :)
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Well Hello and welcome!
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Hi Sam - welcome from another Brit, up in the North of England.
Welcome! cool to see other people (besides Americans) who love the holiday as much as we do! :D

Check out lights alive- I have their simulator and it works great plus they have a upgrade plan which is why I went with them.
Welcome to the forum
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You guy's from the UK are really trying to spread Halloween over their. Theres lightning simulator tutorials and merch for sale all over this forum.
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Welcome! I bet you'll be adding more than just lighting after joining this group. Won't that be awesome? Welcome!

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