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Hi from Alabama

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Hi everyone! I joined a few weeks ago and have lurked around the boards since then. I finally decided to take the plunge and jump on in. I love Halloween and everything associated with it. I've been enjoying reading all the different threads and seeing everyone's haunts. I can't wait to get to know everyone a little better.
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Hello Dreamgoddess. I live in Mobile. Where are you located?
How cool! I'm about 1 1/2 hrs north in Monroe County. So, did you hit the Spirit store today? I was in Mobile Wednesday and called the store. They told me they were opening this morning at 11.
Greatings DreamGoddess! Welcome to our ooky, kooky family of haunters.
I did not know that a Spirit store opened in Mobile. If you could pm me the number to the store.

Just found the store. I will be there in the morning. Thanks
Thanks for the welcome savagehaunter!

Hobie14T, the number is 251-344-4844 and it's in a little shopping center on Airport.
Hi BooBerrie and Garthgoyle!
Birmingham saying hi

Hey Dreamgoddess and other LAs (lower Alabamians),

I went to USA back in the 80's. Haven't been back in quite a while. Are the cockroaches still as big as your fist down there?!
Hi! I'm in Alabama, too. About 30 minutes north of Birmingham. I just joined, as well :)
welcome aboard
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