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Hi everyone!

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I've been doing a haunt for the past three years and I hope to share some of my creations for this year, which will be mad scientist themed.
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Welcome to the eternal Autumn twighlight that is Halloween Forum.


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In case anyone cares, I have posted a link in another thread on this forum to a sound program that I have created which plays random Halloween sounds for as long as you want, eliminating the need for those Halloween sound effects CDs, which I personally think are rather annoying and repetitive.

The link to the thread regarding this program is http://www.halloweenforum.com/halloween-music/81491-trents-halloween-sound-machine.html

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Welcome Trent! so glad you found your way:)

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Hello Everybody....

I started a "Hello" thread also but for some reason it's not up yet.... I think it has to be checked or something like that.

But I have several shots from my haunt over the last 3 years in my profile up now... hope you enjoy. Figured I would post to check to see if the avator I selected works.
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