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Hi all!

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We're new here, this is our fourth annual Halloween bash and we are stepping it up quite a bit. We are doing a butcher room, cemetary, torture/ritual room, clown room and mad scientist room. Any ideas or suggestions for the rooms would be awesome.

Also, any help with the following would be appreciated:

1) We are looking for intestines. We found some good ones on frightcatalog.com but the website doesn't seem to be working and their phone is disconnected.

2) We need a low lying fog machine. Does anyone have one to recommend?

3) We are building wall panels with pvc and black poly tarp. I was thinking of doing 3 foot panels so the walls are interchangeable and some are designated "door" panels. Ideas to make it work well?

4) I want a thunder and lightning effect for my cemetary. I thought a thunder track on a loop and a strobe light paired together on a timer might work.

5) We want more haunted food this year. We found recipes for lady fingers, vampire cupcakes, shrunken head cider. Any others you can suggest?

Thanks for the help. Unfortunately, I had written out a whole post of our plan with pictures but it was erased and I don't have the patience to do it again.
Thanks for your help and suggestions!
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Welcome to the forum!

You should check out the rest of the board - I recommend using the "search" feature (upper right buttons) for a key word search to see if your questions might be answered in a related thread...

I do know that Fright Catalog is most likely out of business. It was discussed recently on the boards. :(
do a check on shadowless in the search. she did a fear factor party and members sent her great recipes.
check out your cemetary by monster mash for visuals. and if you see something you like and have questions, contact the person through their profile. people are very helpful around here.
there are several tuitorials on fog machines. do a search for those.
there is a guy who you can check out who does some pretty cool intestines. he sets up a haunt every year for the tot and you can view his haunt. he goes by toyguy710. he explains how he does a lot of his work. if you do a search he is a member of this forum.

Welcome to the forum!

For food check out those magz at the check out stands as well as the section here on party ideas. And there are a couple of cookbooks that are Sounds like you have lot of work ahead of you.


Welcome to the forum! I've seen many members making intestines out of great stuff and a little paint :)
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