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HF's own personal pinterest thread

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something like this may have already been done here, but if not i thought i'd give it a shot with a new thread.

so for all the millions of websites that pinterest claims to pull ideas from, every halloween-related search tends to yield the exact same stuff--either the same articles and ideas, or other sites that are several layers deep but end up just being links to those same articles and ideas. if i see the same picture of the hanging witch hat luminaries one more time i'm going to scream. for being a source of all the world's collective knowledge, pinterest would have you believe there's just not really that much out there on the internet.

what i want is some place that aggregates new and interesting halloween-related content. especially this time of year, i know there are articles and interesting pieces that i haven't seen yet, and i'd like one specific place to use to find those pieces.

i was hoping this thread (or another like it here, if it already exists) could be that place. as we find things that maybe haven't already been seen by all of us ten thousand times, post them here for others to check out.
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good points! i don't think i realized there was a HF pinterest account. i haven't looked through it much yet but i'm betting it's exactly what i'm looking for (which is, basically, new content besides the same old stale stuff on pinterest). who has access to add things to HF's pinterest?
i don't mind some repeats, it just seems like pinterest has about 10-12 links that it throws at me every time i do any type of halloween search. from the browsing i've done on HF's boards, there's fresh stuff there. if it's not too much trouble and you don't mind to, i'd love to be added. looks like my pinterest account name is just my email, [email protected]. thanks so much!
i just got a notification that i'd been added, thanks so much!
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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