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Hey folks, a couple of you have noticed my absence as of lately so I figured I'd let you know what's been going on since Halloween has passed. The haunted house was a fantastic success and we actually made enough money in donations to break even! I'm already planning out next year's haunt... and I plan on adding a whole lot of new fun stuff! Also, now the the haunted house is done and over, I've been working a ton more at my job at Domino's. I'm now a manger at our store and have gotten a raise. -woo hoo-

Anyways, some of you may also know that my dad got a new Light-O-Rama set up this year for Christmas. We have over 30,000 lights in our display controlled by 64 circuits. And I get the pleasure of putting it all together for my dad. :rolleyes:

We were actually on the local news yesterday and have been getting quite a few cars parking out front and enjoying the whole show! For more info check out Wiechmann Winter Wonderland Blog

That's about all for now... I've been meaning to stop in the chat sometime but just have been too busy!!! Hopefully after the holidays life will settle down for me so I can lurk here more often!

Take care everyone and have a happy and safe holiday!
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