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Hey there, spooky people!

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Hi everyone!

I’m a make-up artist and crafty-type-person from Southern California. My ghoulmate, Sarah, (you may know her as bellelostdrake here) stumbled upon this place a while back and has been raving--quite literally--about it ever since. So I figured, hey, that sounds like the place to be!

Though I was born on Christmas, Halloween has always been the closest holiday to my heart. I can’t wait to jump in and get my feet wet here!

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Welcome Jess! 1031 is my favorite too!
Hello Jess, welcome to the forum! glad to have ya aboard!
Oh no, now that you're on here my obsession is just going to grow, grow, grow! Trust me this place is ahhhmazing!

We'd love to see some pics of your makeup work and Halloween crafts.
feel free to post as much as you like!

Welcome to the forum.

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welcome aboard, looks like you got all the luck, both of you loving halloween, oh how i wish. lol
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