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Mill Creek Haunted Hollow
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Ok, I like what you've done so far, but here are a few thoughts...

1) The text on your home page is not as clean as it could be. I would suggest a line break <BR> between the picture and the beginning of the text.

2) I like the blood text bits, but I would suggest two things; center the titles and put them on a black background to match the background of the page.

3) The pictures page is great, but could you add some captions or ALT text to give a little more information?

4) The location page is great. Is that a picture of your real house? If so, your house is fantastic!!

5) The Behind The Scenes page looks good, but I don't really get a "behind the scenes" feel. Similar to the pictures page, some captions or ALT text might provide some insight.

Ok, those are my initial thoughts. Again, I like what you've done and I like the fact that you have actually taken the initiative to put something out there! your colors and general layout are solid. Some more text would give visitors more information and insight regarding your haunt.

Ghouls Rule
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I love the look of your site, the buttons with the little spiders are so cute. I do design and theres one thing thats an absolute must if your going to put yourself out there is to make sure you have your words completed and if using punctuation to keep it consistent. I think your props page could use more pics, perhaps do it gallery style would be great (and saves on bandwidth). The font your using for the page dividers is awesome, where did you get it? I keep trying to click on them (like enter if you dare) haha, I think theres something there, but nothing happens :p

Examples of what I mean are as follows;
on homepage -
"Or Halloween yard haunt display is composed of glowing jack-o'-lanterns , decorations props , fog machines , and lighting effects . "

I think you meant "Our Halloween yard", comma needed bewteen decorations and props. :)

On Behind the scenes page-

"Halloween has always bee our favorite holiday, and having a yard haunt is the best part."

forgot the last letter on been. :)

On halloween links page-
"I would like to thank the following people for their help my inspiration ."

Perhaps you meant to make it say "for their helping with my inspirations"? :)

I wish for more pictures :) Everything else is just awesome, looks great! Wish I could come see it in person :)

Psst..TK421 , I just viewed your site. I love the animated pumpkins and the overall design. Did you do it yourself?

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I love the site and the Haunted yard looks awesome if I lived near by I would for sure go visit!

Here are a couple suggestions for the site as well:

- Defiantly agree with putting in Alt text for the pictures so when people roll over they have a description of what it is, Pics are awesome by the way!

- If possible I would center the whole site more on the page and leave some black space above and to the left side of the page and the pictures

- in the links page the links are not clickable otherwise looks good

- I also noticed you don't have a sitemap that can help both visitors and search engines navigate through your site better!

- Love the blood text! adds alot of effect and the color scheme you chose!

Great Start Overall!!! Also maybe sometime think about video that would really draw people in and more pics!


Typical Ghoul Next Door
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A few little things I noticed:

The text "So make sure stop on by?" isn't a question, so why the question mark?
and insert an "and" in the sentence - So make sure and stop on by!

The third pic down (on your pics page - creepy guy with mouth open) is repeated at the end.

The button for "10 Tips safe" - did you mean Safety Tips?

On your location page - that's a pic from the movie "Trick or Treat" isn't it? (the house with all the JoLs and the TOTs right outside the fence). I'd not use any images that aren't actually of your haunt... the more popular you get, the more likely someone is to notice that... (and it's not good to borrow images ;) )

If it were me, I'd make the banner at the top have the name of your haunt in it - so it's always at the top of the page.

I agree with the others about centering and adding text about your pics. :)

I think overall it is a really nifty website, and you did a good job! :)

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I love it! Although more photos would be good too, I love love love lots of photos. But on the other hand, you don't want to post too many pics and give away all your suprises.

---The groom prop, I don't remember who started it last year, but whenever I see one, I still call him Charles.

Yes- curious- is that your house?? Awesome house either way! I love all the jack-o-lanterns.
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