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Hey all

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New member, former lurker finally deciding to get involved and post. Last year this place was indispensible to me and my "budget Halloween" plans. This time I'm definitely glad to be looking around here for ideas again! (Especially recipes, as Martha Stewart has failed me this year.) Hope to have a good time talking with some other grown people who love Halloween--we are not as common as I would like!
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Welcome to the forum Madam...:)
Welcome to the forum, Madam!

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hey & welcome!! your Count pumpkin is beautiful! Love the Bird one too! :)
Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone.

And thanks, Cathy. I'll pass the compliment on to my sister--she's the artist in the house!
hahaha, tk must have gotten behind at halloween time too! so happy belated welcome
Welcome to the forum!
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