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we need help like none other
this weekend we are having a halloween party and we have no clue what to put for a scavanger hunt we want it to be fun but it will be for 16-18 year old girls plus my parents soo it cant be any wrong stuff ;) :D also we live in the small town of wahoo so there aint much around
PLEASE help we need all the help we can get

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We are having a scavenger hunt this year for so I have been doing a lot of research. Here are some links I found and if you need some more specifics -- if you can give me a little more information about what kind of hunt you are looking for and a little more details on the "area" you are using. Are they driving around town to houses, stores and such or remaining in a neighborhood or on foot.

I would suggest a combination scavenger hunt and video/photo hunt for that age group. We are having the kids hunt for the items on the list, as well as, have do a photo/video hunt where they need to have all of someone in their group in a picture or video "doing" something to get points.


a team member posing with a scarecrow, bale of straw, or shock of corn

get a policeman to put on a fright wig

a team member standing next to the largest pumpkin you can find - vote on a winner at the viewing after the hunt!

a stranger acting like Dracula and saying, "I vant to suck your blood"

a team member standing next to a tombstone

the team singing and dancing the Monster Mash in a restaurant

have the team become mummies: they must go to a store, purchase toilet paper, wrap one another like mummies, and leave the store that way

get a stranger to spell "Frankenstein" forward and backwards

Another suggestion is to have them all in costume so it is obvious that they are doing a scavenger hunt and not out to make trouble. They can name their teams after horror movies or horror monsters.

Here is a list I found on line -- These items should be found and never stolen. Get permission if you need an item from somebody's yard, you don't need to be adding handcuffs to the list.

Bubble gum
Black fingernail polish or lipstick
Candy corns
Halloween Napkin
Hershey's bar
Hershey's kiss
Indian Corn
Lock of black hair
Miniature pumpkin
Orange leaf
Piece of white fabric (mummy, ghost)
Pie tin
Pumpkin seeds
Shot glass
Spider web - real or fake
Straw or hay
black Thread
Today's newspaper
Tootsie roll

This is a long list that may give you some ideas.

Hiptop Halloween Hunt

jester girl
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give each group a list of items to build a scarecrow and they have to find these items, bring them back and assemble the scarecrows in your front yard. you decorate that way as well. or, have some bring their digital cameras and give them a list to find and they just go around and take pictures and bring back the pictures and addresses of where the pictures were found..

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If they're having at least part of the hunt around the house you could hide things outside in the grass like body parts, guts, murder weapons, and then some more cute things like a pumpkin, red leaves, a spider, etc.

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ooooo my goodness thank you all soo much ALL of the ideas are perfect for what we are looking for and i think it will work too most of these girls are pretty crazy!!! ;) i think i can fit most your ideas together i really like the scarcrow idea
thank you soooo much b scary those are PERFECT
soni your link would be a perfect touch to the end we have about two hours for this scavanger hunt so i think putting items that b scary has then do the scarecrow (hallorenescene) then do parts of sonis idea that would be PERFECT
then we can hide stuff in the grass at the park (junit) where they start to start off

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My scavenger hunts

This will be my third year doing the photo scavenger hunt. After being disappointed with having more video clues last year, I will focus more on straight photos this year.

My favorites:
A photo with a cop (great when the party goers are in costume)
Finding specified costumes (we are near a campus, so there are always people out on Halloween), usually along some theme
Each year we have a themed drink that one of them must try at a bar

We did have a great video one the first year where they had to toilet paper up a stranger as a mummy while singing the monster mash. I was amazed at how cooperative the strangers were.

This year I am going a bit geek themed for the scavenger hunt, but I'd love to hear new ideas for hunts. My theme last year was preparing to kill vampires, so they had to build a cross, get their water gun of holy water blessed, etc. Feel free to email me if you want more details about my previous hunts.

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that is sweetness i really like the video and picture ones
its our third annual halloween partay but this one is the biggest!!! :))
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