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Hi everyone! I'm a newbie here. :) (LOVE THIS FORUM!!)

My hubby and I have decided to do a Victorian Vampire theme for our party this year but I am having a hard time with my costume. I would really like to stay away from the whole "sexy" thing and go for a more elegant costume (maybe with a hint of sass). As always, most costumes are the sexy kind and the ones that aren't seem super cheaply made.

How can I go about making my own for relatively cheap? Anyone have any pictures from previous years of some great Vampire costumes? We are late getting started this year (obviously) so I need to figure something out quick.

Thanks in advance for the help!!

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Rikki and her hubby had beautiful costumes:


Victorian and Edwardian Styled clothing
Good site with period clothing.

thrift/consignment stores - that have basic clothing to be modified or check costume rental places, local theaters and colleges that have a theater department (see if they rent/sell any of their costumes)

Your best bet to do this cheaply is to either find basic costumes at a regular site (Spirit, HalloweenExpress, Annie's Costumes) and dress them up with accessories, or sew them yourself (or find someone that sews).
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