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OK I need some help in determining whether or not I should include some of these songs for our Halloween scare:
(Every year we mod our house up with many scary props (strobes, fog, lights) and "decoy" grim reapers, where I dress up as one as well and the people have no idea which one is real, in which I then scare them quite well. Every year I compile a good set of songs to play during the event and I need help in analyzing if these would be scary enough to set the atmosphere.
My other thread is here with a list of some of the music so far:

So here are the songs. I am still unsure about some so I need some help figuring out this by some of you telling me if it would be scary/blood pumping and should be included in the mix.

1. Hellrain - Hellrain
2. Down Crazy - Down Crazy - - Nabil

3. Rude Machine - Rude machine

4. Chaos In The House - Xdsx - Chaos In The House Demo
5. Something New - Something new...Lol

6. +Factory+ - +Factory+

My Review

1. Maybe - On the fence about this one. The synth sound good but I am not sure if it is scary/adrenaline pumping enough

2. Maybe - Somewhat scary drum with ambient feel and an alien/space-like synth, but around 0:40 a somewhat odd synth starts and makes me have mixed feelings about it

3. Most likely yes - has a good "heart pounding" drum and gives the illusion of something about to happen. The only flaw is it sounds a little too "techno-ish"

4. Possibly yes - A good ambient feel fused with some industrial synths, but I am not sure if it is face-paced enough to be scary.

5. Unsure - I like the start but at 0:28 it gets a little odd.

6. Unsure - I love this song but I am not sure if it "Halloween enough." If it is then it obviously is for a blood pumping scare build which is what I see it as, but I am scared others might thing of it as being too much of a Rave-Industrial-Techno rather than Terror EMB.

So my question is: Can you please help by telling me what you think of these, and whether or not you think I should include or trash them.

Your help will be greatly appreciated for this upcoming Friday.
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