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Help with props!!

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Can anyone help, I am looking for a mechanism to make 1 prop shake and another to make blood squirt out. If theres a cheap easy way to make it or if anyone knows of a mechanism I can buy for cheap. Let me know.

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Here's two simple, continuous methods you could use:

For shaking, a corded power drill with an off-set weight attached to a frame will shake that frame like crazy. (for the weight, take a four inch bolt, slide on a few big washers, and use a nut to fasten them at one end. Bend the last inch of the other end at a right angle, and then clamp it tightly in the drill's chuck. When the drill runs, the whole rig shakes).

For squirting blood, use a fountain pump (here's a cheap one: Harbor Freight small fountain pump)

Either on could be hooked up to a trigger mat or similar, without having to involve automation (for keeping things simple).
Thanks so much for your help! Now for the shaking prop it's going to be a head I bought from Spirit with arms and a shirt but not much under the shirt. Would the drill method still work and if so where do I mount it and how to I attach that to a trigger mat?
As far as attaching the drill to the prop, I'm not at all certain what type of core framework exists on it already, but you're going to want to attach the drill to something solid in the prop, so that the shaking of the drill transfers directly to the prop, without simply shaking itself loose.
So, if there's some sort of framework or inner skeleton of some form (something stronger than wire, I'm hoping), zip tie and duct tape that to the drill quite well, and that should do the trick.
(yes, duct tape solves everything, if used in proper and sufficient amounts)

For a trigger, you can go a couple of routes: there are mat triggers you can buy (usually not that cheap), and there are tutorials on making your own (really not that complicated, but you are making it, so that's the risk. Here's one, as an example: Build your own floor mat trigger).

Another thought that comes to mind is plugging the power cord into a lamp socket adapter (like this one at Home Depot: Lamp holder to outlet adapter), and then put that into a motion detecting lamp, like a security light or similar. That way, when someone walks by, and the motion detector activates, it will just run the drill and make the prop shake. Much simpler and easier to set up, I think.
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